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iToddle Apps offically launched in July 2012.  Hope your children like our apps!

Welcome to iToddle Apps. . . Fun and Colourful Apps for Toddlers

Parent and Child with iPad

Apps for Toddlers, Babies and Big Kids!

iToddle Apps are iPhone and iPad Apps designed for toddlers, infants, babies and even big kids! The apps are fun with a traditional feel to them and can be used at home, nursery, preschool, kindergarten or to entertain your child when out and about!

We have 3 toddler apps with more in development.

Our flagship app is Build with Blocks which is a building app where a child can build their own structures from bricks and shapes.

Another great App is Box of Balls. This is a simple App with various balls in a box and it is very entertaining for infants and babies from the youngest ages.  

There is also a fun sound app Play with Sounds  with over 40 sounds to make the children laugh and drive parents to reach for the volume button.

There are no in App purchases or any iAds to minimise the risk of your child navigating away from the fun. None of the Apps collect or store any personal information.   We aim to have no links in the game as such we do not set up links to rate the apps, so we hope you will take time to rate us via the App store.

Check out all our Toddler Apps now.  Any questions or comments, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or tweet us at @itoddleapps.


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